With the purchase of the Ordeman House in 1967, the Landmarks Foundation and City of Montgomery cemented a unique partnership that has resulted in the restoration and interpretation of over 50 authentically restored 19th and early 20th century structures stretching along six blocks in downtown historic Montgomery.

Since opening to the public in 1971, the Ordeman House has become the nucleus around which Landmarks' Old Alabama Town has grown. Through this historic village, guests are able to view authentically restored and furnished buildings reflecting the lives of the people who built Central Alabama. Our historic properties include:

  • Dorsey Cottage and Shanty: Circa 1850s, acquired in 1999
  • Molton House: Circa 1850s, acquired in 1993
  • Queen Anne Cottages: Several houses, circa 1850s, acquired in 1967
  • Nall-Young House: Circa 1850s, acquired 1985
  • Ware-Farley-Hood House: Circa 1850s, acquired in 1989
  • Cram-Lakin House: Circa 1850s, acquired in 1980s
  • Graves-Haigler House: Circa 1841, acquired in 1983
  • Davis-Cook House: Circa 1857, acquired in 1973
  • Mayor Reese Cottage: Circa 1850s, acquired in 1970s
  • Martin-Barnes House: Circa 1834, acquired in 1981
  • Lucas Tavern: Circa 1810s, acquired in 1980
  • Ordeman-Mitchall-Shaw House: Circa 1850s, acquired in 1968
  • Campbell-Holtzclaw Cottage: Circa 1840s, acquired in 1973
  • Davis-Cook House Cookhouse: Circa 1857, acquired in 1973
  • Thompson Mansion: Circa 1850, acquired in 1988
  • Grist Mill: Circa early 1900s, acquired in 1995
  • Cotton Gin: Circa 1900, acquired in late 1980s
  • Blacksmith Shop: Circa 1893, acquired 1994
  • Rose-Morris House: Circa late 1800s, acquired in 1987
  • Clanton Kitchen: Circa 1872
  • Brittan-Dennis House: Circa 1850s, acquired in 1994
  • Adams Chapel School: Circa 1895, acquired 1982
  • Church: Circa 1888, acquired in 1977
  • Corner Grocery Store: Circa 1892, acquired 1983
  • Log Cabin & Pole Barn: Circa 1820, acquired 1976
  • Shotgun House: Circa late 1800s, acquired in 1977
  • Country Doctor's Office: Circa 1892
  • Carriage House: Circa mid-1800s, acquired in 1981
  • Dogtrot: Circa 1850s, acquired in 1979
  • Grange Hall: Circa 1867, acquired in 1970s
  • Gallagher House: Circa 1882, acquired 1972
  • Noble House: Circa 1850, acquired 1998
  • Carpenter's Shop: Circa 1915, acquired in early 1980s
For a complete list of Old Alabama Town properties, as well as their individual histories, please refer to Mary Ann Neeley's "Old Alabama Town: An Illustrated Guide," available for purchase in the Old Alabama Town giftshop.


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Upcoming Events

Loft Living Tour
September 21st
1:30-5:20pm, $15
44 Market Plaza

ARMSChair Concert:
Roman Street
October 12th, 7:00pm
Kiwanis Park, $2


October 17th
$10 presale, $15 at the gate

ARMSChair Concert:
"Music That Made the Beatles"
Spike Graham & Friends
October 24th, 7:00pm
Kiwanis Park, $2

Holiday Open House
December 4th, 4:00-7:00pm
Free admission

Diamond Princess Ball
December 5th
$100 per couple

Jam Sessions
2nd & 4th Saturdays, 9am to Noon

Sundowners Series


Tuesday September 23rd
5:30pm, free to the public
301 Columbus St.

"Old Urbanism" with Golson Foshee 

[This is corrected from our previous press release featuring Harvi Sahota and Anna Lowder, who will be speaking at Sundowners in October instead.]

Landmarks Foundation welcomes Golson Foshee to kick off the new Sundowners Series, a monthly program geared toward the new generation of urban revitalization enthusiasts. This new series starts next Tuesday, September 23rd at 5:30 p.m.

Montgomery is seeing a shift as residents begin to move from the suburbs back to the traditional inner city, with a modern touch. Golson Foshee, a principal at the Foshee Companies and a leader in this new life style movement, will speak on Old Urbanism. Living over a business, as was frequently the case in cities of the past, has returned to Montgomery as the upper stories of many historic buildings downtown are being repurposed as lofts. 

About Sundowners: Since the late 1960s, Landmarks Foundation has had a hand in the re-development of downtown and its valuable historic properties. With so much currently going on in the center city, Landmarks wanted to create an exciting new series of free monthly programs, focusing on various topics relating to historic Montgomery and featuring aspects of life from the traditional, to suburban life styles, entertainment and a field trip or two. 

Free and open to the public, Sundowners will be an ongoing monthly series, with more topics and dates to be announced.



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Friday October 17th
6:00 - 10:00 p.m.
$10 advance, $15 at the gate

Come enjoy Landmarks Foundation's annual fall celebration that features live music, craft beer, wine, tavern fare, and a silent auction. Special cottage porch packages available for groups. Call 334-240-4500 for more info.

Rescued Relics


Rescued Relics, a Do-It-Yourselfer's dream! Find all kinds of historic architectural elements, from mantels to sinks to doors! Open Tuesday through Thursday 10am to noon. 423 Madison Ave.
Love Rescued Relics? Become a volunteer and get first pick!

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